Latest strike on Kyiv shows how Russia threatens the world

Anton Protsiuk
2 min readJun 6, 2022


Yesterday, Russia once again bombed my city.

A lot of people in Kyiv could hear the explosion or hear the smoke. At least one person was hospitalized, and important transportation infrastructure was shattered.

Apart from the security of myself and millions of Ukrainians, apart from the broader disregard of sovereignty and liberty expressed by Russia’s war — this specific rocket strike embodies at least two obvious, direct threats Russia poses to the world.

Photo — already one of the symbols of the war — by Serhii Volohzhaninov

First, as Ukrainian authorities noted, a Russian missile had flown critically low over a nuclear plant. That’s a nuclear risk that could threaten both Ukraine and other European countries.

Second, according to media reports, this strike targeted “a facility that works on railway cars to transport grain.” Russia has already created a food crisis for the world, and how it works to further exacerbate it to use as a playing card in negotiations.

This airstrike is only one of the thousands of crimes committed by Russia. But it’s as good a moment as any to reflect on how interconnected our world is and how military aggression threatens it.

Don’t despair — the good side can prevail. But only with the world’s help, with your help. For example, you can donate to the Ukrainian cause — check or Or just spread the word — indefatigable awareness is also extremely important.

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Anton Protsiuk

Editor at Ukrainian Wikipedia, manager at Wikimedia Ukraine, writer & journalist.